Best Commercial Cleaning Practices

The carpet in a home is usually a large investment intended to last many years, and needs regular maintenance for longevity and true cleanliness. Commercial cleaning is the best way to get your carpets in the best shape possible, and make sure they last as long as possible in your home.

Commercial Cleaning in NEPA

Preventive care is a part of your carpet’s health, as cleaning carpet can be difficult, but important to maintain. Entry mats, proper vacuuming, spot carpet cleaning & stain removal, and wet cleaning are important aspects of carpet care. The basic principals of carpet cleaning include Dry soil removal, extraction, soil suspension, and drying. Taking shortcuts or cleaning improperly will diminish results and could damage carpet as well.

Properly removing dry soil is the first step in any quality carpet clean, vacuuming thoroughly is the way to do this. In doorways and heavy traffic areas, 10-12 slow passes with a vacuum cleaner will remove a majority of the soil, resulting in a better result for the wet and/or chemical cleaning process that follows.

The chemicals need time to work to allow for the chemical to begin breaking down soil. Once the chemical or pre-spray has been applied to the carpet, it should be agitated or scrubbed, to loosen up the particles. Of course the quality of the chemical will impact your cleaning result.

The higher the temperature, the better, there is a significant increase in cleaning effectiveness with the temperature is above 140 degrees. The carpet must then dry within 8 hours or mold can develop.

Commercial cleaning services employ the best practices, so you can be sure a professional is taking care of your home and ultimately, your investment in quality, beautiful carpet.