Helping Summer Allergies

Sneezing? Throat scratchy? Eyes watering? It’s the dreaded summer allergies hitting you. More than 20% of Americans deal with allergies on a daily basis. Any sort of relief is welcome to keep allergies at bay. While medication can help relieve symptoms they aren’t a sure fire way to stop them. By following some of these simple tips, you can clean your living space enough to reduce the irritants bothering you.

Preventing the Spread of Allergy Irritants

First, you want to make sure you know what you are allergic to. An allergist can help you determine this and create a list of what you should avoid. The most common offenders are dust mites, mold, pollens, and pet dander. You may think you’re allergic to one thing and it could actually be another. It’s important to find out what it is first so you know what you’re doing when you look into commercial cleaning and it’s products for allergens. When you finally know what you are allergic to, start changing things around your house. Start with the bedroom since you spend most of your time in there. A good nights sleep can make all the difference if your allergies aren’t bothering you. You can purchase special coverings to help keep dust off them. Wall-to-wall carpet isn’t that good for you. If you can put down hardwood flooring. Carpet holds every allergen possible and walking over it only releases it. A commercial cleaning services company otherwise can do a deep clean on your carpet to help pick up a majority of it.

A good way to prevent the outside coming inside is to set up two doormats. The one outside and the one inside will help catch irritants and prevent them from coming further into your home. While cleaning your home it’s best to have a vacuum with a HEPA filter, they can catch nearly every allergen possible. Your local cleaning services will have a vacuum system that can catch allergens and prevent them from spreading in your home. They will use products that are made to not induce allergies or make them worse. Eco-friendly supplies are a great alternative to regular household cleaners that might bother you. Either way, your home will soon become nearly allergen free so you can live happily without your allergies constantly nagging you.