The Big Don’t in Commercial Cleaning

When cleaning up your home or business there are certain cleaning mistakes you don’t want to make. It’s okay to choose green cleaning practices but everybody can make a mistake. This is going to help you know what not to do when it comes to commercial cleaning so that you clean properly and thoroughly. Opting to hire cleaning services can ensure that the task gets done quickly and properly if you are unsure.

The One Major Mistake to Not Make

Some jobs are perfect with just a little elbow grease and bleach. This is still one of the sure fire ways to clean thoroughly. When purchasing materials from a store to clean, buy a product for what it’s specified for and try not to change what it’s meant for. Try to avoid mixing household products so that you aren’t mixing something dangerous. Commercial cleaning services make sure to buy the proper products or mix only the right ones. The major mistake that is made is mixing bleach in every item.

Bleach can be dangerous when mixed with certain items. If that item is ammonia, it can be dangerous to you. When these two items are mixed together you get the chemical chloramine. It can be lethal if breathed in while in a confined space. The good news is fewer and fewer companies are putting ammonia in their products so this risk is going down. Know what chemicals are in certain cleaners so that if you try to mix something, it isn’t dangerous. Always wash bleach away before spraying anything else on a surface you’re cleaning. Caustic chemicals also fall under the do-not-mix rule for your safety. Sodium Hydroxide is an example of a caustic chemical typically found in drain cleaners and oven cleaners. When commercial cleaning or wanting to hire a company, be sure to find out what they use so that way it is all safe for your home or business.