Emergency Response

Emergency Response


Emergency Response

With the recent challenges of COVID-19, we understand that outbreaks can occur impacting your business, employees, customers, health and most importantly, safety. Sanitizing Technologies is here to help! Our emergency response program is equipped to deal with pathogen outbreaks in facilities. Your safety and business are very important to us.

Our emergency response program includes

  • Immediate response from our technicians VIA phone call
  • Complete onsite evaluation to determine the type of facility, impact of outbreak, area(s) effected, employee(s) effected, number of facilities effected, lapse of time and most importantly we identify the specific pathogen.
  • We know that getting you back in operation and reducing impact is crucial. Our teams are available after business hours including nights and weekends.
  • Reaction time is a key component. The longer a pathogen exists within your facility the higher the risk of cross contamination, spread of infection and additional exposure. In most cases, our teams are able to complete your service within 24 hours.
  • A complete evaluation and pricing proposal will be presented after scope of work
  • Our technician will work with you to review any ongoing safety and risk mitigation plans as a follow up to your service.


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